Deity and Nirvana tied

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Update: Deity triumphs over in today's NGF Grand Final, dashing's hope of winning their first offline gold. will have to return home to Malaysia with just $1000

Nvidia's Game Festival hits its climax as Nirvana and Deity ties each other with one win each in the offline finals.

As reported a few days ago, is now in ShangHai playing in NGF's DotA offline final. Being a best of three match, Deity proved to be a tough opponent as they took down with ease in game one. But the Malaysians prove to be resilient in their quest for the first offline gold and made a comeback defeating Deity to make a 1:1 tie.

While fans are very eager to get the match going, the organizers have decided to wet the audiences' appetite by scheduling the last and final game to be played the next day at 1420 ShangHai time (CET 0720). This is the last and final match that will determine who takes the $3000 prize money and who will talk away with a measly $1000.

At this point in time, it will be anybody's game. Deity has the advantage of playing in their own backyard. However, Mushi and co have been known to pull off some very amazing wins. Stay tuned as GosuGamers provide the latest result on NGF. In the mean time, check out the steam here (requires PPSteam or UUses)

SGgamer - Source