GosuBet launched for StarCraft 2

General “Raistlin”
GosuGamers are happy to finally release the widely popular GosuBet module for the StarCraft 2 section.

The GosuBet is a non-money betting system. At the start of each season, everyone starts out with 50 units and are able to put your minerals into many different matches.

The odds on the matches are decided by you and every other user. If you bet 100 units on one player, his percentage will be tilted. Should another user bet 100 on the opponent, the odds would be 50-50.

Each season usually lasts for one month.

On top of that, GosuGamers will offer a rankings page where matches from all around the globe will be counted in to determine the most gosu gamer of StarCraft 2.

With many events already started for StarCraft 2, such as the ZOTAC cups, ESL tournaments, TeamLiquid's Liquibition and much more, we hope you will enjoy the upcoming time with GosuBet!

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