• Name Mervyn Tan
  • Location Singapore
  • Date of birth Oct 1, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2
Mervyn 'ISB' Tan is an undergraduate who writes about eSports mostly because he has the time to. He enjoys the ARTS/MOBA genre in general, and cannot play FPS games to save his life. He wishes that he will one day reach 5k MMR, too.

ISB's activity

While you may have a point, I would hasten to correct you - to assume that everyone with the same last name in China is related would be extremely problematic - there are 300,000,000 (300 million) people with the surname Zhang in China, and they assuredly do not belong to a "clan" in the way the Scottish would think of one - the geographical dispersal and historic diaspora of the Han race would suggest otherwise.

Article 2/12/15, 1:41 PM

Given that they said that content creators took $57 million - I don't think they were referring to Valve themselves, who produced all of the content for the compendium. So I guess the compendium is outside of this calculations...

Article 1/30/15, 6:18 AM

Well, bearing in mind that it's 57 million to content creators, who only take a small cut (I believe it's 30%) of the eventual sale price. If it is 30%, it figures out to almost US$190 million of sales from user-created content .

Article 1/29/15, 10:20 AM

Yup, it's official.

Article 11/21/14, 1:29 PM

Ugh, brain fart. Fixed!

Article 10/25/14, 8:42 AM

Why would they not give a shit about the largest prizepool outside of The International? Note that they rejected going to The Summit in favour of playing in WPC-ACE, which means that they considered WPC-ACE the more prestigious tournament to attend.

Article 5/31/14, 1:50 PM

The definition I get is: intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. You can't classify this as racism since they're all of Chinese ethnicity. Please clarify what word should be used, then.

Article 5/29/14, 3:01 PM

This picture was actually of DK at TI3!

Article 4/16/14, 10:28 AM
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