League of Legends joins forces with AAPE for new Yasuo Prestige skin

LoL Invenglobal

The killer collabs between League of Legends and major fashion labels show no signs of slowing, and their latest partnership will have streetwear enthusiasts pumped. Meet the Yasuo Prestige Edition, a skin and fashion line in official collaboration between A Bathing Ape’s more casual sister brand, AAPE. Yasuo will get the Prestige treatment of his True Damage skin, akin to Qiyana and Senna’s True Damage Prestige skins from last year’s partnership with high fashion label Louis Vuitton. 

The AAPE collection will include IRL fashion items available for purchase through AAPE’s official webshop. Though no reveals yet of the goods, judging from AAPE’s current offerings we can likely expect pullovers, sweats, tees and if the splash art and below video is any indicator, likely a very gold jacket. Ooh, shiny!



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