League of Legends might bring Valorant-themed skins to their Champions

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Riot Games now has two big esports titles in League of Legends and Valorant. While these games don’t have much in common, fans have already begun imaging what Valorant Agents might look like as skins for League‘s Champions, and Riot devs have responded.

League of Legends currently has 149 Champions, which provides plenty of options for potential Valorant skins. Carmen “Wandakun” Carabello posted three of her ideas for designs on Twitter. The first is a Phoenix skin for Ekko, the second is a Jett skin for Akali, and the third is an Omen skin for Zed.

In the Phoenix skin, Ekko wields a fiery staff along with Phoenix’s apparel. We can also safely assume that he would have fire-based ability animations. The Akali skin is kind of a different take, which puts Akali in Jett’s clothes,


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