League of Legends’ Wukong gets nerfed two days after his rework

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The Monkey King’s long-anticipated rework only arrived in live League of Legends a couple of days ago with LoL patch 10.6, but Riot’s already sent some hotfix nerfs his way. Following the extensive changes across all of Wukong’s abilities, the studio’s got his passive and W in its sights this round.

That’s according to lead LoL gameplay designer Mark Yetter on Twitter (see below), who outlines the changes, now live in the game as of this story. “We have a Wukong Hotfix coming to you this afternoon”, he says, adding: “He’s really fun now, but needs a slight nerf”. First up, Wukong’s passive (Stone Skin) has been changed so players will now be able to gain up to ten stacks, up from the ability’s previous eight – 



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