Griffin’s Sword regarding Tarzan’s Baron steal against Sandbox Gaming: ” I did not imagine he would

LoL Korizon

Just a few days ago you faced SKT, and today you faced Sandbox Gaming. You went up against two strong teams in a row. Wasn’t it a difficult series of matchups for you?

Chovy: I think we just played the way we usually do.

Sword, you only had a one day break before facing another strong team.

Sword: We weren’t that nervous heading into the series and we got into the game with the mindset of doing well regardless of our opponent.

You received MVP for your performance in the first game, reaching 1000 MVP points. The champion you picked that game was Galio. Why was it picked early despite other high tier champions, such as Lissandra being open?

Chovy: With Galio, despite the nerfs, I was not afraid of falling behind in lane. And by picking it, I thought we could benefit in the draft.


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