The most insane strategy was just attempted during ETS Cup #2 Qualifier #10

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

Old Alpha veterans will enjoy this new twist to an old strategy we thought we would never see again.

Diablo Snores is a Heroes team with an interesting name and some interesting strategies. For the past couple weeks they have been trying to qualify for the Enter the Storm Cup #2 playoffs and, although we've heard of them using this strategy, it hasn't been on a streamed match yet.

That is until now.

Under Construction vs Diablo Snores replay: -- Syn3rgy vs Diablo Snores replay 

Alpha players may still have a healthy fear of E.T.C, Zagara, Bringwing and Falstad compositions. The Diablo Snores inclusion of Zeratul and Falstad's Mighty Gust heroic offer some interesting stalling applications when your team is busy suiciding their core. The old strategy used Abathur and took advantage of the pre-nerfed Ultimate Evolution plus the pre-buffed Core HP to end the game in a frighteningly quick fashion. 

That was a long time ago and the Core's shields have since been heavily buffed. Does this strategy still have a place in competitive Heroes?Diablo Snores might have made a few key mistakes in a game they were otherwise winning clearly, but it was still a really enjoyable game to watch.



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