Heroes GosuRankings report: Cloud 9 Maelstrom lead the world rankings

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

With release just weeks away and a number of large tournaments approaching, here's how the top Heroes teams stack up against each other.


Cloud 9 Maelstrom is on a 15-match winning streak. The team is ranked number 1 in the NA ESL Major League Season and undefeated in the WCA 2015 qualifiers and throughout these tournaments displayed a dominant level of control over their opponents. On the backs of iDreams immaculate Lost Vikings and Illidan, k1pro's Jaina, the team excells in tanking, CC heavy lineups that almost always feature Uther, Muradin, or ETC. In the current double warrior meta, Cloud 9 Maelstrom seems particularly well equipped to coninute their dominance.

Known Rivals: Team LiquidcompLexity Heroes.

Having recently won Coloso del NexoTeam liquid succeeds with strategies and heroes other teams try to avoid. LucifroN, the teams resident warrior expert excells with uncoventional warriors like Arthas and Chen (paving the way for other EU teams to experiement with the brewmaster themselves) while Vortix brings specialists like Lost Vikings and Abathur to scary levels of efficiency. They love Malfurion and FalcoN seems to almost exclusively play SGT.Hammer. Look for Team Liquid to experiment and find new ways to make under utilized heroes dangerous.

Known Rivals: Cloud 9 MaelstromTempo Storm


Not much is known about eStar Gaming, as our tentacles in the Chinese Heroes scene are still relatively small. However, from what we know they are the most dominant Chinese team by a long shot. Lead by former Warcraft 3 Pro xiaOt, the team has earned over $45,000 in prize money and has placed first in nearly every Chinese Heroes of the Storm tournament.

Currently, cross-realm competition is impossible without lag and requires having access to 5 seperate accounts of a particular region a team wishes to compete it. When that technical hurdle is lifted, expect eStar to provide some serious competition for the top NA and EU teams.

Known Rivals: EDward Gaming

World Top 30:

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