The top tournament hero picks since the Chromie Patch

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Full list of stats since the Chromie Patch

Some things in Heroes remain constant. Teams need at least one support hero , stuns are powerful, and apparently heroes like Illidan and Sonya are always in high demand.

It's the special mix of survivability and sustained damage that continue to keep these heroes relevant. Illidan's power level has the habit following the ebbs and flow of balance updates but, ever since February, he has been in top form. Chromie was an anticipated hero that many of us predicted would change the pace of the game and that prediction appears to have been misguided.

Chromie can't survive in the current meta and it's largely due to the heroes below:


  • Illidan is just a monster and he only gets stronger in a world where the most powerful stuns were recently nerfed. Heroes like Illidan are the reason Chromie can't be picked in a competitive setting.
  • If you spend your ban on Illidan the other team can just pick Sonya. She is just as devastating as Illidan and makes fragile assassins a liability on the enemy team.
  • When most stun effects in the game were nerfed, E.T.C was the noticeable omission. All of his CCs are still just as good as the only reason he hasn't surpassed Muradin as the most picked Warrior is because of his high ban rate.
  • Tassadar used to be an auto-pick in nearly every draft. His versatility allowed him to safely fit into any composition. I dare say that we are entering a similar age of Tassadar dominance, but not because he can fit any composition. Tassadar is so strong now because, when paired with another support, no one on your team will ever die.
  • Tyrande's high ban rate is largely due to how many heroes you effectively remove from the opposition's draft once Tyrande is no longer an option and how good she is on Battlefield of eternity. Heroes like Diablo and Rexxar need Tyrande to be effective.
  • Take a look at Greymane's first pick percentage. Not very impressive right? Now look at his win percentage:


  • Greymane is enjoying Muradin levels of win percentage, yet is rarely first picked! Why Kael'Thas and Falstad are consistently picked higher than Greymane is somewhat of a mystery.
  • Greymane's win percentage shouldn't be ignored, as it is indicative of a power level and positive spot in the meta most teams clearly don't appreciate. Expect SEA to use a lot of Greymane during the Summer Championship, as that region has been the biggest advocate so far.

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