Nexus Newbies #7: The Raynor who flew too close to the sun (king)

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Welcome back to Nexus Newbies! To those unfamiliar with the series, Nexus Newbies is where I (and sometimes accompanied by other GosuGamers crew) critique replays from beginner and intermediate players. The goal? To teach the fundamentals of Heroes of the Storm that sometimes go unexplained or recognized.

We return with Raynor, the marine currently on every ones mind. Our replay submitter, Deathclaw, decides on an auto attack talent selection that, while effective, doesn't seem to suit his preferred target selection.

Lessons Learned this episode:

  • In the earliest stages of the game, focusing on laning and being the damage behind your allies gank attempts or skirmishes. You can't roam well on your own and do best when you can secure kills for your teammates.
  • Auto attack oriented builds with Raynor are best on warriors or otherwise low mobility heroes, as it allows you to get in many safe auto attacks.
  • With an auto attack build, it's difficult for Raynor to kill other ranged assassins, especially those with high mobility. If you want to kill squishy targets, try a more burst oriented Q build instead.
  • When you are winning with a level advantage, trading kills 1:1 is NOT in your favor. End the game as quick as you can with your lead, or at least cripple the enemy be destroying their keeps!
  • it's easy to play sloppy and too confident when you are winning the early game. However, Splitting your team and "going rambo" is the best chance for your opponents to make a comeback.
  • Kael'Thas spikes at level 13 and, when he does, you simply can't engage him without your support. It is suicide.

To submit your own replay, follow these instructions:

1. E-mail [email protected] with the subject line that includes the hero you are playing, your battletag, and the words "Nexus Newbies replay submission"

Example subject line: Artanis, Dorazion, Nexus Newbies replay submission.

2. In the e-mail, include why you submitted this particular replay and, if known, some specific problems you think you are having with your game. What questions do you want specifically answered?

3. Attach the replay file in the e-mail or provide some other to download it.

Keep in mind that Nexus Newbies is about teaching fundamentals and going over even the most basic of Heroes lessons. No skill level is too low or too novice: If it is newbie, I want to watch it! 

Dorazion has been playing Heroes since the earliest stage of the Alpha, going all the way back to the games first public appearance at BlizzCon. His work in eSports exposes him to countless professional matches across all regions, and, as rank a 1 player hovering around the 3300 MMR, helping out newer players without a firm grasp on optimal play behavior is exactly how he would like to spend his time.


What hero would you rather see on display next episode?

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Thank you for voting!
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