The accident-filled expansion ”The Boomsday Project” has been leaked by accident.

Hearthstone Stefan “Sumadin” Suadicani

With no warning, like an explosion, a new trailer for a Hearthstone expansion dropped. The Boomsday project. An explosive tour of Science, featuring the return of a terror of the past, Dr Boom

On the surface this seems unintentional as this announcement came with little pre-announcement, and the video trailer is unlisted. Unlisted videos can however still be accessed if one finds the correct URL link, and through Reddit this link has been spread to all.



The expansion will feature a triumphant return of mech minions, with the new keyword magnetic. Magnetic minions will when played, while you have a mech, “attach” themselves to that mech adding their stats and effects to that minion. Such as the spider bomb.

The next thing are the projects. Projects are a theme of cards that benefit both players. The card showed off were the Biology Project. A druid spell giving both players 2 mana crystal.

For late game lovers, there is the Omega Cards. These cards have acceptable stats for their cost for most of the game, but gain a significant bonus when plays while you have 10 mana crystals (Without costing 10). Omega defender was the example. 2/6 taunt for 4 is seen before with Stegodon, but now there is an added bonus. At 10 mana, this card will gain +10 attack.

Finally we got the legendary theme for this expansion. For this expansion one of the legendary class cards will be a spell. Though we have had quests before, and cards like Arch-Thief Rafaam, this is the first time we see full fledged legendary spells. Myra’s unstable element is certainly worthy of the legendary status. It draws you all the remaining cards in your deck.

Why cast a legendary spell just once though when you can cast it twice? That is what the shaman legendary minion Electra Stormsurge is for.

Wouldn’t be a trailer without some additional teases, which includes the warrior hero card “Dr [Boom, presumingly], Mad Genius”. The video description also lists “Mecha-Jarraxus” as a new obtainable hero for warlocks with added cardback.

Futher card reveals will start from the 23th of July. The expansion is set to release August 7th.


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