Balance changes for Prominent cards announced

Hearthstone Stefan “Sumadin” Suadicani


Fresh off from our own balance assertment comes Blizzards own announcement about which cards they will adjust in an upcomming patch.

4 cards will have their balance adjusted as their power has proven too intense.


Bonemare (Mana cost increased to 8):


Surprising absolutely noone as Bonemare has been a mainstay card since it's release in Knights of the Frozen throne. Hailed as the new doctor 7, it would ultimately not manage to last as long as [dr boom] did.


CORRIDOR CREEPER Attack reduced to 2:


I called it, but so did everyone else on the planet. Corridors creepers ability to rassle down to 0 mana from normal gameplay proved far too potent given it's statline. Now it's aggressive utility will be wastly diminished and later in the game, it will often be the victim of value trades given it's poor attack value.


And now for the first time we see nerfs to cards that are already looking to retire to wild.


Patches the pirate No longer has charge:


Who is in charge? Well not patches anymore. Since his release in mean streets of Gadgetzan he has been the core of every tempo deck, in standard and wild alike. To ensure that wild players have some variety, patches will be ... patched... to no longer have charge when he shoots out of the deck.


Raza the chained Effect now reduces the hero power to 1:

Not too surprising. Raza priest has been a stable since Shadowreaper Anduin released. The ability to shoot off infinite pings at 0 mana has just proved way too intense, once again for standard and wild alike. Such is always the risk of 0 mana effects, which makes it a good sigh that this will be addressed even as Raza is already set to rotate this April.

That is all the cards. As always these cards will have the dissenchant dust increased for 2 weeks following the nerfs.


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