Discovering Un'Goro has begun: Two Priest cards and Paladin legendary revealed

Posted by Tom "Matthieist" Matthiesen at 20 March 2017 12:00

Check our spoiler page for all the other Un'Goro cards!

After the live reveal stream last Friday the card-reveal train has taken off at full speed, with the first three of (hopefully) many websites showing a card.

First off was Inven Global, who gave us a second tool for achieving the Priest Quest Awaken the Makers after Tortollan Shellraiser. Crystalline Oracle has the exact same card text as Shifting Shade, but comes at a far more reasonable cost/stat distribution than the Old Gods card. Much like Babbling Book and Swashburglar it's a 1 mana 1/1 which gives you a random card - in Priest fashion a card from your opponent's deck.

Additionally, apart from helping complete the Priest Quest, Crystalline Oracle also provides a tiny amount of information about what's left in your opponent's deck, and if played early might give a good indication of what archetype the deck is at all.

Joining the tiny Elemental in the Priest collection is Shadow Visions, a card that's hard to evaluate upon first sight without knowledge of what other cards Un'Goro will bring. The effect seems to steer Priest more towards the 'do tricky stuff' direction and away from playing strong things on curve. A possible application might be in a Highlander deck, using Shadow Visions to gain an additional copy of a spell.

Although the card saw first daylight through Russian caster Olesami's YouTube channel, popular streamer Amaz claims that the card was given to him for reveal and that Olesami posted it ahead of schedule. When a similar mistake happened between IGN and Tempo Storm owner Reynad, IGN received an additional card to reveal, so it would seem only fair for Amaz to get another card as well.

To round up this batch of card releases, IGN revealed Sunkeeper Tarim to be the new Paladin Legendary. The intimidating Tol'Vir is the big brother of Keeper of Uldaman (not lore-wise, probably) and reminisces of Eadric the Pure as well. Having Taunt, however, is a big upside to Sunkeeper Tarim, as well as the fact that all opposing minions die when trading into him.

Apart from being a hard counter to an opponent's big guy (bye Jade Golems), in some niche cases it might provide burst damage by boosting smaller minions' attack. The ideal scenario would be playing Stand Against Darkness, having all Silver Hand Recruits stick around the entire turn and then Quartermaster-ing them with Tarim. Good luck pulling that one off, though.

Check our spoiler page for all the other Un'Goro cards!


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