Journey to Un'goro Card Reveal Stream: LIVE coverage

Posted by Stefan "Sumadin" Suadicani at 17 March 2017 18:19

The announcement of un'goro came at much surprise, but also alot of doupt as it was revealed that there would not be any additional card reveals beyond the initial for over 2 weeks. But that wait is over and today, Blizzard will be announcing a great number of cards on the @playhearthstone twitch channel.

The stream will start at 11 am PDT, that is 7 pm CET. It will be hosted by Senior game designer Peter Whalen and Infamous gamer icon Sean “Day9” Plott.

We will be updating this article with new cards revealed on stream.


Explore Un'goro



  • A deck full of Raven Idols.
  • Not meant for competative play.


Tortollan Shellraiser



  • God Tier N'zoth minion.
  • Seems really good


Lakkari Sacrifice


  • Think Netherspite portals from Karazhan.
  • Permanent means PERMANENT!


Lakkari Felhound

  • A natural transition with that Quest.
  • Seems to be an auto-include in discard decks.




  • Certainly no Mad Scientist, but certainly has potential
  • Curves well into Kirin Tor Mage.


Elise the trailblazer

  • Gives 5 random ungoro
  • Elise is very lucky, will more epics and Legends than usual.


Golakka Crawler


  • ´Hungry crab for pirates.
  • Will likely see use by EVERYONE week one, just out of vengeance.



  • Has potential, but probably just for ticking off the "Useless paladin buff" on the Un'goro bingo.
  • Makes any minion on board a treat.


  • Combo rogue will have a permanent option to get minions
  • Seems like the apology for losing Conceal.


  • Good Neutral taunt, will see play for sure.
  • Really highlights how absurdly bad amgam rager is


  • Really bad against Divine Shield and Poisinous adapts.
  • Doesn't go face so likely won't see play.