Decklist spotlight: BlizzCon 2015 decklists upated

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Decks, VODs, results and more from the 2015 World Championship

We’ve updated our database with several more completed decklists from the HWC 2015 finalists.

Until the time for the playoff battle comes, let’s look at sixteen of the decklists brought to the group stage that we know card for card. The list will be updated additionally once more games are played over the course of this weekend.

You can find more competitive decklists in our library. 

Netherlands ThijsNL: Freeze Mage
China NoTomorrow: Midrange Druid
Japan Kno: Midrange Druid
United States Jab: Tempo Mage

Germany Lifecoach: Demon Handlock Control Warrior

China LoveCX: Midrange Druid
Sweden Ostkaka: Oil Rogue
Canada Hotform: Tempo Mage Oil Rogue
Vietnam Neilyo: Control Warrior

Canada Purple: Freeze Mage
Taiwan Pinpingho: Totem ShamanMidrange Druid Midrange Hunter
Ukraine Neirea: Freeze Mage


Are you content with the diversity of deck at HWC 2015?

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