Team Archon adds Backspace to the roster

Hearthstone Nico “StoTheX” v.

Team Archon grows up to four players as captain Amaz signs Brent "Backspace" Kaskel, adding another prominent deckbuilder to the newly-created roster.

In the pre Naxxramas meta that was dominated by Handlock and Miracle Rogue, Backspace became known for his very aggressive and efficent counter to both these decks, late named after himself. Known as a successful ladder player and talented deckbuilder, he's also known as a reliable practice partner, assisting both Amaz and World Champion Firebat on their ways to the championship in several events. 

Backspace, just like Firebat, was picked up by Copenhagen Wolves in the past, though both players left the team not too long after.

One of the younger teams in Hearthstone, Archon was founded by popular streamer and personality Amaz in early November, shortly before the BlizzCon grand finals with a three-man starting rosteer. Signing one Jame "Firebat" Kostesich in particular proved a winning decision as the American came out on top of the World Finals competition, becoming the first official Hearthstone world champion. 

Hong Kong Amaz

United States Firebat

Canada Hosty

United States Backspace