Savjz's and StrifeCro's decklists from Fight Night

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Photo: ESGN TV

In what was likely the most anticipated match of all four seasons, Hearthstone top players StrifeCro and Savjz clashed heads in what turned out to be a memorable series.

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StrifeCro's decks
[deck linked]93[/deck] [deck linked]31[/deck] [deck linked]94[/deck]



Savjz's decks
[deck linked]25[/deck] [deck linked]96[/deck] [deck linked]95[/deck]


Seeing what Koyuki's Paladin did to Savjz the last time, Liquid Value decided to bring almost an exact copy of it against the Fin in the third episode of Fight Night Season 4 (the only notable change being the inclusion of [card]Acidic Swamp Ooze[/card] as a metagame counter).

Savjz's choice for first game deck was Ekop's Handlock from Season 3 - another powerful late-game deck that relies on Warlock's Life Tap synergy with cards like [card]Mountain Giant[/card] and [card]Molten Giant[/card] as well as a myriad of removals spells, taunt-givers and healing mechanics to survive.

From the very first turns, StrifeCro started to apply pressure which escalated so quickly that Savjz was forced to cast an early [card]Lord Jaraxxus[/card] just to survive. Fin's struggles continued as the American continued to maintain a scary board presence. A [card]Leeroy Jenkins[/card] + [card]Shadowflame[/card] combo had to come out from Savjz as well as a healing [card]Alexstrasza[/card] but the DogeHouse player never managed to swing the game in his favor. 

Savjz's Hunter deck was just as unsuccessful as it lost the race against Paladin's heals. By establishing a wall of taunters, StrifeCro easily stabilized against the charging armies of the Hunter and it was a straightforward win from there on. Down 0-2, Savjz had no other option but to bring out his own Giants Paladin

The game started bad for Savjz and StrifeCro's early game pressure had him reduced to a dangerously low health. A lucky [card]Wild Pyromancer[/card] draw, however, helped Savjz clean the board with [card]Equality[/card] and the game immediately swayed in his favor. Once his Giants hit the playing field against StrifeCro's now deserted board, lights went out for the American.

StrifeCro selected to play a Shaman deck for the fourth game (an exact copy of Savjz's Shaman from Season 3, in fact) only to find he could not defeat the deck's creator. Though enjoying a strong early and mid-game, StrifeCro's way of dealing with Savjz's threat was card-inefficient and he entered the late-game playing from the top of his deck - an unwinnable scenario against a late-game deck like the Giants Paladin. Savjz was one game away from a reverse all-kill.

Game five was an inverted deja vu from earlier in the series as Hunter went against a control Paladin to decide the series and StrifeCro prevailed in this one also. Getting a very strong opening with double [card]Leper Gnome[/card]s, an [card]Abusive Sergeant[/card] and a [card]Timber Wolf[/card] allowed StrifeCro to chew away the majority of Savjz's health. Without a solid wall of taunters and already having used his only [card]Holy Light[/card], at T6 Savjz was checkmated: He desperately needed a healing card but knew full well he couldn't cast it even if he drew one as his remaining heal came at 7 mana or more. 

His reverse all-kill hopes were shut down by a [card]Kill Command[/card].