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Dec 4, 2015, 8:00 PM CET


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Team Secret vs CIS Rejects
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  • Ehsan "deathdaycod" amiri ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Freddy "cacorduliz" Guerra ,
    CIS-R is going to win because it's obvious everyone is going to bet on Secret, so Secret is going to lose on purpose to make gamblers get more money and Secret team members will get paid secretly behind doors. Gambling is about money, everyone who enters this world is aware of that fact.
    • Rick "Haters_Gonna_DIE" Grimes ,
      I agree with you. CIS-R will win this
    • Lars "Un1VerS3" Muller ,
      Welcome to the world of bettings :D
    • Dawood "dawoodkhan" Khan ,
      this is a small tournament...1st prize 1,00000 only...but by losing all matches secret will earn million from this games....its call gambling ...wake up kids...stop beting arcena on secret for a while lol
  • john "jonsson85" son ,
    SECRET is a good performance team, EE with ember and puppey with visage think easy for them but dont forget last performance of CIS, they play well on their new line up, CIS can win this or they can win 1 game. Here for more info visit my facebook page, let me give you back your item if i loose my prediction on you here. 89% winnning rate : Dota 2 Betting Master
  • Joel "pupp3T" Yesuratnam ,
    All in CIS-R. Secret cant win against unpredicatble teams like CIS-R.
  • felix "acg1524" fil ,
    Team that is Safe to bet?
  • Peter "Petercitox" Max ,
    who win here?
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