Summer's Rift

United States

ROOT Gaming DotA2

United States
Best of 5 match
Jul 19, 2015, 11:00 PM CEST


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Summer's Rift vs ROOT Gaming DotA2
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Winner: ROOT.DotA2
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  • Zhanserik "zhanserikmedetov" Medetov ,
    есть инфа аналитики?
  • "de_end" ,
    Root for ROOT! Ive seen monkeys play a lot of PL, he anticipated echo slam every single time and completely dodge the dmg. Both jason(fun) and fluff are great supports, heroes to look out for are dazzle, wyvern, naga, skywrath and the niche silencer.
    • G "crta" G ,
      Their leshrac sucked in Archon-NAR match btw but still 2-0
  • G "crta" G ,
    Rift and ROOT are doing well, recent matches were great for both. Keep em coming...
    • G "crta" G ,
      Betting small on the lower odd team to fun up the match:)
      • Ronel "143.GG" Montalbo ,
        why is it bo3 on lounge and wage??? it should be bo5, right??? wrong format. LOL
  • Peter "PeterPen" Pen ,
    I lose too much from Col and NAr matches. I badly need to win. Pls advice me. what should i bet! Root or Rift?
    • G "crta" G ,
      Do not bet :D. it is 50:50, both teams surprised us in those matches.
    • Ronel "143.GG" Montalbo ,
      bet Root dude. it 50-50 but put ur odds on the least favorite :)))
      • G "crta" G ,
        Classic Jimmy.Demon throws?
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