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May 23, 2015, 9:15 AM CEST


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ViCi Gaming vs LGD
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  • Mohsen "Mohsenzirak" Zirak ,
    VG wont win this one, believe me. Too hard for them to handle winner of my/lgd today. Personaly im rooting for malay in this tournament.
    • stoper "stoper2014" stoper ,
      tbd khastas.6 battle fury az yek account az second account 6 staches all in VG ftw no doubt
    • Diego "NexoxD" Guisasola ,
      Too hard for them to handle? Are you fucking kidding me? Why do people from Iran, Philippines and Malasia have to talk shit? :S You just fucking do it in order to get more items betting on VG. Stop that fucking shit.
      • muhamad "ahoenkmantab" hafiz ,
        u alright, this people talk shit
        • Mohsen "Mohsenzirak" Zirak ,
          @ahoenkmantab there is no surewin in any finals. God gave you mind which will progress while you growing up. see you around.
      • Mohsen "Mohsenzirak" Zirak ,
        I just shared my thoughts, didnt mean to offend or scam anyone, im just a gamer, and i dont need extra ~10 usd in a single bet if thats the case. betting require style, i just became mad when you call me scammer, sorry for that. btw Its not proper to call 3 country's people trash talker. what you get is what you give.
      • mangfranks "mangfranks" alingtaling ,
        and why the hell you fcker always being racist to us pinoys.. every country has their trolls like u representing trolls from ur fcking country. its 2-0 now for lgd.. what can u say fcker? and o yes.. fck u too!
      • Kelvin "PookyPookyPork" Lim ,
        Aaaand he was right, VG lost. Learn how to respect others and not to curse every now and then.
        • Mohsen "Mohsenzirak" Zirak ,
          do you remember who eliminate IG on ti4?? answer is LGD with 7:1 odds in favor of ig before match start. most people only see team's names, they dont know whats going on, they just know which side is stronger overall. its not nesseccary to expand this, but before this match VG won ig 2-1/ newbee won ig 2-0/ lgd won newbee 2-0. so whats the odds when vg plays with lgd? sure VG got this blablabla (i was waiting for this match accualy, i thought lgd gonna win on upper bracket, but they didnt, then i was damn sure they have realy good chance to win on finlas)
      • Joshua "dc_talkz" Choong ,
        The pinoy of the west poking on the Philippines.. oh the irony.
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