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Not Today vs Summoner's Rift
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Winner: Rift
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  • daniel "_mxt" salazar ,
    easy for NOT i think
  • oddy "dominiq" mahendra ,
    go NoT
  • Josmell "josmellk" Ivan ,
    Go NoT!!!!!!! easy
  • Brayhams "Magicko" Salazar ,
    Easy for SmAsH.
  • Eric "PlaymatEBET" CruseƱo ,
    Go smash gordo m ogolico haceme ganar!
  • sherine "akie27" manzano ,
    who will win?
  • silent "0z0ne34" obbma ,
    i got for all in NT if this ratio ll be same i am in top 10 gosubetters any1 need to ask something can add me on fb and we discuss hF :)
  • "de_end" ,
    Usually I would give NoT easily, but they just got back from MLG. Slight advantage to NoT, 55-45.
  • saketam "saketam" thailand ,
    all in NT gogo
  • Rajan "GorKhaLee" Gurung ,
    PREDICTION : NT vs RIFT 0 : 2 20 % : 80 % NT : From past game play of NT . i Have been seeing a very good play by NT against other new team or old team which i assume was a noob. NT against new team = win BUT they are playing against the RIFT team. So they have a very low chances of winning against team rift. I see people blindly bet on NT base on they think they are good from previous match in other series. Rift : Their ganking are good. very good team played by every members and they know what to do when they engage in a gank. doesn;t need to be told to go tank as each individual know their own role . So like always it is a very good SAFE BET against NT. Conclusion : BET ARCANAS AND ALL THE HIGH VALUE ITEMS IN RIFT>! ANYWAY BET ON YOUR RISKS! LOSER COME SAYING THEY LOST BECAUSE OF ME, WINNER COME SAYING THEY WON ALOT BECAUSE OF ME AND DOESN:T EVEN FUCKING donate me. SO BET ON YOUR OWN RISKS . YOU HAVE RIGHT TO GO AGAINST MY THINKING.
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