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Oct 4, 2014, 12:15 PM CEST


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Alliance vs Cloud9
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  • Sorasit "RateRko17" Khotchasit ,
  • richmond "diablodiamble" dionisio ,
    • Gregorio "malacris" Larot ,
      what will happen after the tbd will they going to return item or just automatic bet on the other team?\
  • Binh "Kiritokun2906" Nguyen ,
    Re-match between Alliance and VG. I think Alliance will lose this time. The 3rd position in this tourament is unexpected, however they have showed that they are still tier team 1 EU.
    • Kain "KainLord" Lord ,
      Yeah they won few important games in this tournament after the 6.82 patch released, this will tell everything apparently, according to you. You're obviously a blind fanboy, look at Team Secret, the way they play right now in the current patch is so much better than Alliance, and I'm 100% sure that if Team Secret were in this tournament they would do so much better than Alliance. How can you call a Tier trash team the best team in EU when the actual best team in Europe is Team Secret.
      • Binh "Kiritokun2906" Nguyen ,
        LOL I dont support Alliance, actually I like the old DK. Now I support team Tinker. So you think only Team Secret is the tier 1 team but not other EU teams? LMAO
    • saito "sotaitaiso" tanabe ,
      what if Alliance and C9??
      • Kain "KainLord" Lord ,
        Then easy for Alliance, it's too easy to rat against C9. If not then too hard for VG. VG won't throw again against Alliance, they made the mistake and they will know how to correct it.
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