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Team Empire DotA2 vs Team Tinker
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Winner: Empire
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  • Dastan "INS.GG" Aubakir ,
    go go Empire! even Kompas won this trash!
    • Young "Tyrantboy" [C]aesar ,
      bet he cums when they play
    • jm "isprikitikph" anuran ,
      LoL become a pro first then try to be a racist. all talk no play
    • Pietro "Sheala" M-v ,
      why you troll him on flag theme? Oh, yes.... because you from country that build HIGH STANDARTs OF DEMOCRACY in North America by genocide of aboriginal population, using slaves and killing africans even now)) gj dude)) YOU CAN DO IT)) now i`m sure and proud for you))
      • Michael "SkapyTek" M ,
        like your country stupid russian
        • Pietro "Sheala" M-v ,
          you so rude because Russia don`t want trash foodstuff from Europe? and take best meat from Argentina? kitty don`t be rude with me))) i wanna love you)) like i love shishkibab)) and why WR says "shishkibab' while cast Schackles? Also, where i post that i like Russia? WHERE?....and it`s really my country? maybe i from Kazahstan? or i Indian from America? that why i take this flag!!! Also i like Austria)) Vienna) it`s also country that give us CLassic music)) philosophy e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c. this Usa guy show racism, You show racism, Kazah show idiotism...i just post truth) and troll a little) take nice day) gl hf))
          • J "Nighte" H ,
            stfu Russian... we never forget 1968
            • Pietro "Sheala" M-v ,
              Austria = annexation was Germany = annexation was you hate every austrian and german? or you forget? but no, you don`t hate them because nobody say to you that you need to hate them...and know why? becasue Czech Republic in NATO...that why the history of you country show you only to hate Russia) but 1968 not Russia....it`s USSR))
    • cherrie "cherrie" johnson ,
      don't underestimate tinker, they have good records lining up.
  • hariz d. "harizwafu" roger ,
    if EGM will stand in as support for team tinker, they got this.. =)
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