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Oct 14, 2014, 4:30 PM CEST


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Arrow Gaming vs Execration
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Winner: XctN
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  • vince "iamtheboss5" tom ,
    Execation got this, All in execration
  • Hal "hanselabs13" Bresto ,
    Go for TI4 IAP!!!! All hopes on you now.
  • Matteyowhhh "Mateoosanityyy" Zxczxczxc ,
    Really dont know how this Ggnet ranking works, well, for SEA or for IAP. When IAP loses, even in top 20 or top 21 below, they lose alot of fucking rating. Hahahaha. Ggnet didn't putting much time on SEA region, confirmed.
    • carlo "motley" santos ,
      cant understand you at all. but its all the same for everyone, if you lose you lose 9-15 points. its not just for iap. the wrong thing about this ranking is that all regions are blended in the world without any adjustment as to how the competition level per region differs. then again implementing such would be difficult for it would be too subjective and arbitrary to code such competitive level.
  • redelyne "x.reeed" redelyne ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • John Adrian "jabarraca" Barraca ,
    IAP in full rooster yes all for it.
  • chocoyyeyy "BRYYYY" mags ,
    Open bet bitches!
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