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Sep 19, 2014, 1:30 PM CEST


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LGD vs Invictus Gaming
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Winner: iG.
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  • Le "Gelato" Gato ,
    Easy for Alliance
  • Ali İhsan "okjuy" EFE ,
    all in LGD!! #YOLO
  • Randy "rvc0581084" Cadiente ,
    LGD and IG has 5 stand-ins, bet at your own risk
  • khanh "Aui_2000Fan" khanh ,
    i will fuck Grooot's mother if he come here
  • Leonardo "poker_bandung" Davara ,
    I am the new GROOTS
  • khanh "Aui_2000Fan" khanh ,
    about the match never forget Faith pick combo ES and Lion for support in match against VG . noob shit combo ever Never trust in LGD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bet more on LGD plzz
  • adrian "iannesXD" zxcvbnm ,
    50 / 50 for this match.. ill got for IG You currently have bet 20 keys on Invictus Gaming. With these percentages, you may win 38.08 keys.
  • Kenneth "flipakko" Soriano ,
    I dont know why I'm excited for this match. Gonna focus on Lou and Chuan vs Faith and inflame. The battle of the feeder.
    • mo "moomoon" mon ,
      inflame? lol
      • Kenneth "flipakko" Soriano ,
        InJuly rather. Damn those two really confused me. Anyway, that two is a promising rising star. Though the possibility of choking is too high when you jump from a tier 2 to tier 1 team.
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