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Team DK vs DT.NGC



  • p "shizukuxii" =P ,
    Let's see if the recent performance of DK is just trolling or they are just bad. Lose this game = say goodbye to ESL final.
  • Misecure "sestolup" Ing ,
    Who care about ESL if they can have Ti4 ?
    • dung "dungsieu" tran ,
      any pros dota care about a big tournament like ESL-may be the biggest after TI4 in this year with big prize only noob cant play pro dota not care and ofcoz DK care
  • Jack "fyfeng99x" Fang ,
    All in DK. This is serious. If DK lose, I..don't know what to say anymore
  • Rayne "rayne12x" Mann ,
    i think all top 50 teams have potential to win.. in the end it's still up to the captains to draft a strong lineup.. so hard to bet for chinese teams, rely completely on luck to pick the team to bet on since there's no hint of what they're gonna pick.. the only bet i won this morning is MYM against Empire where Empire lost.. so much luck after a little bit of analysis..
  • christian "tatatzkie" macalalad ,
    how can i get some branches???? XD
    • Jiaming "AXEKING25" Xie ,
      same question! need pros!
    • Naru "NaruNaruNaru" Naru ,
      1. go to dota2 section 2. click your username at the upper right corner 3. after a dropdown menu appeared, click on my gosubets 4. click reset branches
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