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Titan vs Orange Esports
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Winner: Orange
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  • steve "pubgamer007" tan ,
    Titan trying out DT's lineup. Vacuum into concoction then Spectre as carry
  • majid "bonGer" tajeddini ,
    i am pretty sure that yamateh is playing with lesh and xtinct with enchant and TITAN is on the dire side!
  • Marlon "marl04" Pillasagua ,
  • Eugene "quanninomarley" Mah ,
    who's leading?
  • felipe "emakke" julian ,
    sea dream team. 1jay bimbo 2mushi 3iceice 4chuan 5net!..
    • Von "wowch" Mapa ,
      good idea.. really just happening in our dreams.. i dont see why mushi and ice3x woild leave dk though.. and there might be a lil bit of communication problem.. jay being left out.. hahaha.. i wish there would be a tourna which will involve allstars that would feature your supposed line-up.. anf will be representing sea dota.. other servers will have their own roster too.. and will battle in an all out display of talents.. haha..
      • felipe "emakke" julian ,
        malay ph sg thai <<<<<< cn sea dream team = cn
        • steve "pubgamer007" tan ,
          I'm pretty sure that if your theory is correct, ice3x, mushi, and chuan won't travel to china (their goal is ti4 champion)
    • ronald "adlanor" morata ,
      this line up does not work. burning>jay...net performs well but xtinct thinks better...chuan is noob. ig is doing great now but they will fail in the near future with chuan.
  • çılGınn "OwYeahPampa" ÇıLLgınn ,
    TITAN <3
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