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Team Finland vs Ultima_Thule
You did not bet on this match.



  • gooddess "gooddess3" yi ,
    The rumored mafia bettor that dominated twitter and en-game dota 2 is here on facebook. Many said he is nostradamus in esports betting because of his accurate predict especially china games, come guys let's try to look and learn from his inside mafia bet came from his unknown sources. Here is his link in fb : https://facebook.com/feiyidota/
  • horan "felicityaa" Poel ,
    Mio boy is accepting investors. If you have a few mins to check out his page. JUST GO NOW :P You won't regret :D Link iz heeeree facebook.com/MioTsujo/photos/a.116510702393881.1073741828.116509829060635/158523814859236/?type=3&theater
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