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Oct 15, 2013, 8:00 PM CEST


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Speed Gaming vs Alliance
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  • jing "saintlin" yokavich ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
    • Soup "AlienwareDGSoup" ayam ,
      i think loda better than artstyle in term of finding a cemistry and make a good team. he knows, who suit and not with him..
    • "farewell_my_love" ,
      you were saying? plz stop being a retard.
    • "possam_" ,
      funny how the two players you mentioned raped alliance
    • T "dD.NL" M ,
      Someone has issues...
    • adi "xadi" pane ,
      i think you must be crying now ;(
    • Monchie "monchworkstm" Cosio ,
      Funny the two players you called idiots doesn't have deaths and raped them in both games. If they are idiots, what are you? Lol.
    • Swagger "da-gg-er" McSwaggington ,
      How does it feel fanboy? Crying yet? If EE and SingSing are idiots then your precious Alliance just got raped by idiots LOL.
  • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
    what happen with rattlesnake.int?
    • James "myepicdemise" Lin ,
      Nothing. This is still Rattlesnake.int. They wanted a unique identity and hence, they changed their name to Speed Gaming.
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