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Dec 8, 2013, 4:00 PM CET


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ViCi Gaming vs Alliance
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  • Faa "Mayooo" Mayo ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • steve "pubgamer007" tan ,
    Alliance, pick something unusual. lol
  • Swagger "da-gg-er" McSwaggington ,
    Well Azarkon tends to talk a lot of crap sometimes but I have to agree with him here. If it's any team to put a stop to VG's dominating run it's Alliance or Fnatic. Personally, I hate that style of Dota, but there is no doubt it is viable especially against aggressive early teamfight lineups favored by teams like VG. Hoping for a good game.
  • rio "putra_petir" perdana ,
    Cmon put rares on alliance please, i want put on vg
  • dell "snapcase" c ,
    prepare your anus rAts
  • Kai "aaiiverson" Zhang ,
    wtf 80%:20%....... Alliance still#1 you guys....
  • Joe "Azarkon" Dude ,
    S4's performance vs. Super's is going to decide it all. I don't think Alliance's current style is capable of working without leaning on S4. Whether Bat, Magnus, Puck, DK, S4 has to play to his best level this series, else Alliance is going to get stomped. An EGM Wisp / Siren is also worth trying. Loda on Jugg for mid game impact. Akke Chen. Basically ye old days Alliance when they were banking on the mid game to get through to the late game.
    • D "BigD" C ,
      Believe the only time s4 was first blooded mid at TI3 was from Super. Will be an interesting matchup to see indeed, but s4 has to get his mojo back, a lot of his cores were nerfed heavily (Bat and mag) and I feel as if he hasn't just been the same since.
    • Soup "AlienwareDGSoup" ayam ,
      [A] nowadays lost their self, look at s4 so bad at mid, he cannot protect loda and bulldog for farm. the key of [A] style is their mid and win 4 v 5 fight if they lose, they bring the game off.. and another free win for their enemy..
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