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Nov 26, 2017, 5:00 PM CET


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3 : 1

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Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere
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  • james "irreversible1" jones ,
    Will Navi give a redmark on Liquid, i think No, cause Navi is on a good roster for now, but they will be outdrafted by Captain Kuroky, Liquid rotations is too good, they are letting matu and miracle to have their big item firts before having a 5 man gank, while Navi the only one farming is dendi. Hello we are here to help you for predictions, and just in case we lose in our prediction you can contact our facebook page for a refund. Come and join our group chat with the top bettors. We do services like, lose refund,lending,giving everyday prediction,giveaways etc. Just search our facebook page named: MY GAMES MY PREDICTION
  • joreler "joreler" hanahuli ,
    My GAMES MY PREDICTION is a Total Thief!!!! Beware of this kind of investment tactics,, notice that their facebook page is a total ghost town. Victims got blocked when they are about to claim their items,,, May Karma shall be upon their fammilies The service that they do is, Salestalk > More Salestalk > Block Total Shit!
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