Evil Geniuses DotA2

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Team Dignitas.Dota2

United States
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Jul 22, 2013, 11:45 PM CEST


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Evil Geniuses DotA2 vs Team Dignitas.Dota2
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  • Alex "StormSpirit93" Muntean ,
    easy win for eg, dignitas lose against denial esports. Kaipi is better than dignitas.
    • Toco "Toco_" !!! ,
      kp is one of the best teams bro and the best usa team vs the worst usa team easy for eg
      • Olle "boredbynoobs" Hansson ,
        KP is actually a low-tier team, son, while Dignitas SHAT on Navi @DH. This match will be easiest game of Dignitas life.
        • Toco "Toco_" !!! ,
          you hate kp so f much uahauhuahua youre really like fucked up
        • dante "tricare" caps ,
          SHAT? ahaha more like under estimated them like fogged said... lol now 2-0 ez rares ez life :) Dignitas obviously is the weakest team in TI3 :) why were they invited again?
  • harris "N080Dyisback" wang ,
    Is this being casted anywhere?
  • Lester "yappylicious" sng ,
  • harris "N080Dyisback" wang ,
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    http://whendidegthrowlast.com/ Must watch for every true EG fan! Its allready 2 days ago ... will they take it even further?
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