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Feb 24, 2017, 11:30 AM CET


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Team Liquid vs Wings Gaming
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  • cris "Crisstanzey" stanzey ,
    For TBD is WINGS 1-0 Dc, if Wings will win on TBD 50-50% chance. If DC will win, IT WILL BE 2-1 FOR LIQUID. If you want more updates/news or predictions or: - 1 month prediction for any of Dota 2 ,csgo,and NBA related bets - 100% refund if I go below 75% win rate - Early prediction with bankroll management guide - Roster Updates, I'll know even if it's tier 3 team :) - Daily dose of MASTERS Logic Analysis Visit our facebook page with 91% winrate. Heres our Name search at facebook: DOTA2 MAS TER IN BETTIN G
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