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LGD halts Dota 2 team following rumors of bankruptcy

LGD Gaming are going through their roughest times, seemingly heading towards an imminent end.

Earlier this week LGD Gaming held the headlines in China after Dota Lin Official, a Chinese YouTube channel released a video titled “Is LGD Facing Bankruptcy?,” putting together clips from various streams of former LGD Gaming players talking about the financial troubles the organisation is facing for the past couple of years.

LGD former players Wang "Ame" Chunyu, Yang "Chalice" Sheny, Lin "planet" Hao have talked about unpaid salaries and bonuses dating back from The International 2021. At the same time, the current LGD players Li "niu" Kongbo and Zhang "y`" Yiping changed their nicknames to “vagabond” and “homeless”.

Additionally, the video also features LGD’s General Manager, Pan Fei speech at a TEDx Talk where he breaks down the operations cost for the Dota 2 team, emphasizing on the increased expanses on salaries during and after the pandemic while also losing important sponsors.


A few days after the video was released, LGD Gaming withdrew from the upcoming Elite League citing unsatisfactory results in the recent regional qualifiers and the need for restructure. “From today on, LGD Dota 2 team will temporarily enter the intermission period, the team will not participate in the recent elite league,” reads LGD’s announcement.

LGD Gaming were one of the eight teams who received a direct invite to the $960,000 tournament set to commence this coming weekend, on the 31st of March. Elite League was also the only tournament on the horizon for LGD, at least for the foreseeable future, as the team fell short in the regional qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 23, ESL One Birmingham and PGL Wallachia Season 1.

LGD Gaming roster

Xuanang “Shiro” Guo 
Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong
Kongbo “Niu” Li
Jiahan “Pyw” Xiong
Yiping “y`” Zhang

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