LBZS reign at Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Chinese team LBZS took the championship title for Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League.

Moon Studio's Mid-Autumn League has come to an end after Chinese and SEA teams competed for four weeks.

It took four games in the grand final for LBZS to overpower DeMonster in order to secure the title and the largest slice of the $55,000 prize pool. The up and coming Chinese team ran through well-known teams such as Team Sirius and Neon Esports in the upper brackets as well as defeating DeMonster not once, but twice. 


  • Participants:
    • Eighteen invited teams
  • Group Stage - October 1st - October 19th, 2020
    • One group of Southeast Asian teams, one group of China teams
    • Single round-robin
    • All matches are Bo2
    • Top team from each group advance to the Upper Bracket R2 of the Playoffs
    • 2nd and 3rd place teams from each group advance to the Upper Bracket R1 of the Playoffs
    • 4th place teams from each group advance to the Lower Bracket R2 of the Playoffs
    • 5th and 6th place teams from each group advance to the Lower Bracket R1 of the Playoffs
    • Remaining teams from each group are eliminated
  • Playoffs - October 23rd - October 28th, 2020
    • Double-elimination bracket
    • Grand Final is Bo5, all other matches are Bo3

Prize Pool

The $55,000 prize pool was distributed to the teams below:

Place $ USD Team
1st $20,000 LBZS
2nd $10,000 DeMonster
3rd $5,000  Moivate.Trust Gaming
4th $3,500 Neon Esports
5th-6th $2,200 Team Sirius
 Team MagMa
7th-8th $1,700 Matador
Galaxy Racer
9th-10th $1,300  IO
 iG Vitality
11th-12th $1,000 BOOM Esports
Cignal Ultra
13th-14th $700 496 Gaming
15th-16th $600 Execration
Team Trust
17th-18th - Phantasm
Phoenix Gaming

Team Black


** Team Black was disqualified for 'suspicious gameplay' and after investigation were banned from all Moon Studio events.


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