Mineski and Na'Vi prevail in upper brackets of ESL One Mumbai 2019

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Mineski and Na'Vi have continued their advance in the upper brackets of ESL One Mumbai 2019. 

The first day of the playoffs has come to an end. Only the two upper bracket series were played today so there were no eliminations. 

Na'Vi  took on Keen Gaming to start out the day. The Ukrainian team looked as if they were seeking to emulate their impressive performances from yesterday in the group stage when they took down both compLexity and TNC Predator for the upper bracket spot. 

Na'Vi seized the first match with relative ease but quickly fell behind when Keen Gaming decimated them in the second game in only 22 minutes. With their backs against the wall, Na'Vi pushed back hard in the third game. Although Keen started out looking to be in control and holding all the cards, Na'Vi struck hard with two outstanding team fights back to back around 28 minutes in. Keen Gaming was then paralyzed and was not able to fight back to reclaim their composure or lead. Na'Vi then ran to the end and closed out the series 2:1 in their favor. 

Next up it was Team Team vs Mineski. With the North American's surprise debut showing at a premier LAN, all eyes were on Team Team with curiosity. To much disappointment of many, Team Team not only were rolled over by Mineski, but they didn't even look like serious contenders. Mineski absolutely shellacked them in the first match and then continued to overpower them in the second. 

The North American team has dropped to the lower brackets and will be facing the winner of The Pango and compLexity tomorrow April 19th. 

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


The action resumes tomorrow, in front of a live audience at 08:00 CEST with the first elimination series. 


  • Playoffs
    • Will be played from April 19-21 in NSCI Dome in front of live audience
    • Double Elimination
    • Except grand finals, All games are played in Bo3 Series
    • Grand finals is played in a Bo5 Series

Groups for Mumbai

Group A
Ukraine  Na'Vi 
South East Asia TNC Predator
United States compLexity
United States Team Team 

Group B
China  Keen Gaming
South East Asia Mineski
CIS The Pango 
India Signify

ESL One Mumbai 2019

Eight teams will be competing for a slice of the $300,000 prize pool April 16th-21st. There are three directly invited teams and five qualified teams from NA, EU/CIS, China, SEA, and India participating in India's first premier Dota 2 LAN event.


Who will be the first Grand Finalists for ESL One Mumbai 2019?

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