VP and PSG.LGD continue in the upper brackets at Chongqing Major

Dota 2 Hazem “Silencedota2” Osaili

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PSG.LGD and Virtus.pro triumphed over their opponents, continuing to prove they are two of the best teams in the world. 

A Few hours ago, Team Secret and EHOME found the road to the upper bracket in the Chongqing Major. Now two more teams have found the same road to travel. 

First series: Evil Geniuses 0:2 Virtus.pro 

Evil Geniuses took the approach where they can keep running into their enemies over and over, contesting the early stage of the laning phase heavily. The Russians had the same idea since it was only natural for them to do with just different heroes. After a fair trade of kills and last hits between these two, EG managed to start hitting a fast timing, building their needed aura's, control and sustaining items to set up a fast tempo mid-game where they could control the map more and take more out of Virtus.pro's resources which gave them the lead in both of the two games.

However, VP was able to itemize to effectively pick off and pressure Evil Geniuses. VP shook the NA team's confidence and stability, leading to a few mistakes by EG and eventually losing their balance and momentum in both matches to Virtus.pro.

Second series: PSG.LGD 2:0 Vici Gaming 

Two of China's leading organizations went head to head with much hype. PSG.LGD hit Vici Gaming hard in the first match, taking them by surprise and ending the game in just over 20 minutes. 

It seemed that this might have enraged the VG lineup and given them a wake-up call initially as they struck back in game two with a really huge wombo-combo draft up that dismantled LGD in the mid-game. A beautiful combination of a Vacuum Wall into a Static Storm into an Earth Splitter totally destroyed LGD, giving VG a chance to take the control and gave hopes for a win. Unfortunately, it didn't last long and LGD were able to regain their composure and take the game and series win. 

The action will resume tomorrow, January 22 at 03:00 CET with the lower bracket best-of-one elimination series. 


Can PSG.LGD continue the road to the upper bracket finals

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