Tigers claim the first DPC title of the season at DreamLeague Season 10

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The SEA team qualified for the last spot of the first Major of the season in Malaysia after an intense battle against Na'Vi in a full 5-game series.

The last day of the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor started with the lower bracket finals match between Na'Vi and Royal Never Give Up, which was won decisively by the reformed CIS team with a clean 2:0 sweep. However, the battle was far from over for them, as Tigers stood in their way of the title and the sole remaining spot left to compete at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

The SEA team started off the matchup boldly with a Meepo for Lai "Ahjit" Jay Son, despite not having the last pick. Na'Vi's response was their trump card, Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev's signature hero Earth Spirit. However, it wasn't enough as Tigers steamrolled them in a 27-minute victory and gained a one-up on Na'Vi in the first match of the series.

The CIS squad kept their resolve and turned the tide on them with a turnaround victory in Game 2 and then straight up, one-sided slaughter in Game 3. Both teams showed an impressive array of skill and versatility with ever-evolving drafts. With only one victory remaining for Na'Vi to win, Tigers had their backs up against the wall.

Game 4 was an absolute treat, as fans were witness to none other than Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky's Invoker. Despite facing on-paper counters Storm Spirit and Huskar, the young prodigy gave a fantastic display on the complex hero in a snowball of a game.

It was anyone's title to take as the series was pushed to a deciding Game 5. It may have been one of the longest games of the series, but stats don't lie and it was clear the match was completely in the favor of Tigers right from the start. Despite having an Alchemist on the team, Na'Vi couldn't capitalize on opportunities and only delayed the inevitable. Ahjit's flawless 14-0-20 KDA was a testament to the player's skill and composure under pressure in such a high-stakes match.

With the title in hand, $125,000 and 120 DPC points, Tigers will be flying back home to their base country of Malaysia to compete in less than a week at the first Major of the season in Kuala Lumpur, for the lion's share of the massive 15,000 DPC points up for grabs and esteemed title of Major-winner.

Upper Bracket

Round 3 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket


DreamLeague Season 10 Minor 

  • October 29 – November 4 – LIVE FINALS at the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios
  • Eight teams qualified
  • Winner heads to the Kuala Lumpur Major
  • All teams will gain DPC points 

DreamLeague Season 10 Minor Playoffs

  • Double Elimination
  • All games are Bo3
  • Bo5 Grand Finals

DreamLeague Season 10 Minor participating teams:
United States compLexity Gaming
United States Rooons
Peru Infamous
Sweden The Final Tribe
Ukraine Na'Vi
China RNG
Malaysia Tigers
Europe Vega Squadron

DreamLeague Season 10 Minor Prize pool:
Total: $300,000

  • 1st – $125,000 + 120 DPC and Ticket to Kuala Lumpur Major - Tigers
  • 2nd – $70,000 + 100 DPC - Na'Vi
  • 3rd – $35,000 + 90 DPC - RNG
  • 4th – $25,000 + 70 DPC - Infamous
  • 5/6th – $15,000 + 40 DPC - compLexity Gaming/Vega Squadron
  • 7/8th – $7,500 + 20 DPC - Rooons/TFT


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