DreamLeague Season 10 is the first Minor of the season

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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DreamLeague Season 10 will be the first Minor of the new season and qualifiers will begin only days from now. 

While the qualifiers for the first Major are being held, DreamLeague Season 10 announced that they will be hosting the first Minor of the DPC 2018-2019 season to be held at the end of October. 

As with all of the Minors taking place this season, the event will feature eight teams competing for the lion's share of the $300,000 prize pool, 500 DPC points and a special ticket to the Major that will take place the following week. 

DreamLeague Season 10 will take place between October 29th-November 4th at the Monster Energy DreamHack studios in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Open Qualifier registration is now open HERE. Closed qualifier invited teams will be announced on Friday. 

DreamLeague Season 10 qualifiers:

  • September 23rd through 26th for all regions
  • Each region will have two days of open qualifiers
  • Winners will advance to closed qualifiers
  • Closed qualifiers will be 4 team, double elimination closed bracket
  • One team for CIS, CN, SEA, SA, will advance to the main event
  • Two teams from EU and NA will advance to the main event

DreamLeague Season 10 schedule:

  • September 23 – 24th – Open Qualifiers
  • September 25 – 26th – Closed Qualifiers
  • October 29 – November 4 – LIVE FINALS at the Monster Energy DreamHack Studios

DreamLeague Season 10 Prize pool:
Total: $300,000

  • 1st – $125,000
  • 2nd – $70,000
  • 3rd – $35,000
  • 4th – $25,000
  • 5/6th – $15,000
  • 5/6th – $15,000
  • 7/8th – $7,500
  • 7/8th – $7,500



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Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani
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  • river "riverbird" bird ,
    Does winner go to Malaysia Major?
    • Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani ,
      • river "riverbird" bird ,
        ok thanks. I had assumed the two extra Minor slots would be given to regions with less Major slots so this further imbalance made the two events seem separate.
  • Simple "SimpleDota" Dota ,
    Without all the KL major qualified teams participating, I guess the biggest spot light for the minor would be TI7 winner Team Liquid and maybe TI8 winner Team OG.


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