TNC Esports Dota 2 Cup 2018 in the books

Dota 2 Kerr “Vegeta07” Ambrosio

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TNC Esports hosted the recently concluded TNC Cup 2018 Dota 2 Tournament which featured aspiring professional teams or players in the Philippines.

TNC Cup 2018 Grandfinals kicked off last July 7-8th 2018 giving young Filipino players the opportunity to showcase their talents of what could be their initial step to become professional athletes. The tournament format featured teams from TNC Cyber Café branches across the country. The eight teams that qualified in the branches gathered in Manila and the playoffs were held at TNC High Grounds Café. The Sterling Global Dragons team led by Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma was crowned as champion of the tournament.

For most of the players, it was their first time to attend a LAN event which was altogether a different but humbling experience to participate in the big stage. For the other teams, this could be the beginning of their journey for the next DPC season and compete against SEA powerhouses Mineski, Fnatic and TNC Predator. With more upcoming talents, there is no doubt that the SEA region would further develop to be able to contend against their Western or Chinese counterparts.

TNC Cup prize pool distribution:

1st place: Sterling Global Dragons  – PhP 30,000.00
2nd place: Miraculum – PhP 10,000.00
3rd place: Voyager – PhP 5,000.00
4th place: Neon Atomic  – PhP 5,000.00


Do you think that one of these aspiring professional teams would be able to compete with the Minor or Major events in the next DPC season?

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