WESG forced to apologize over conditions at hotel chosen for the event

Dota 2 Adam “GearBrylls” Hitchcock

Photo courtesy of WESG

With players from Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II and Hearthstone all arriving for WESG 2017, a number of tweets have taken aim at the conditions of the Kowloon Hot Spring hotel.

Kyle ‘ocean’ O’Brien, a Canadian CS:GO player, was the first to bring light to the issue by posting a series of images up on his Twitter page showing some of the poor conditions players are being subjected to at the event that is scheduled to start on March 13th. The images posted show a sink with water coming out brown, beams holding up part of the ceiling, and what looks like an extreme case of mold in the corner of a room.


Mihai ‘canceL^^’ Antonio was the next to post about the living conditions. Keeping it short, he said, "Just arrived at the WESG hotel… it’s pretty scary to be honest". Meanwhile, Verros ‘MNT’ Apostolos of Mad Lads posted an image of another beam that appeared to be supporting part of a crumbling wall.

An apology was issued by WESG shortly after the posts from the players, stating "we regret to be informed of poor living conditions at the players’ hotel. The issues are serious and we are taking measures to rectify the problems."

However it is yet to be seen what actions are being taken to rectify the issue of the living conditions at the event as of the time of publication there has been no further update as stated by MNT himself, who said later on in the evening on Twitter "nothing has been done from WESG so far."


Is WESG's response enough to stop the complaints for now?

No, they should have known what conditions were like at the hotel
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