LFY and Vega bid farewell to PGL Bucharest fans

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 06 March 2018 14:45


The third day of group stage for PGL Bucharest Major brought an end to LFY and Vega Squadron's journey. 

Playing only three matches in the entire event so far, two teams — LFY and Vega Squadron — were unable to find themselves a single win. In the Swiss style group stage format, three losses equal elimination. 

LFY vs ViCi Gaming

Vici Gaming lineup
LaNm Sand King Sand King
eLeVeN Nature's Prophet Nature's Prophet
Fenrir Warlock Warlock
Ori- Arc Warden Arc Warden
Yuno-Paparazi Faceless Void Faceless Void
Omniknight Ember Spirit Gyrocopter Tusk Underlord Tidehunter
LGD.Forever Young lineup
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition Yao
Death Prophet Death Prophet Super!
Terrorblade Terrorblade Monet
Nyx Assassin Nyx Assassin Ohaiyo
Kunkka Kunkka ahfu-Taufukia
Elder Titan Naga Siren Keeper of the Light Shadow Fiend Queen of Pain Chaos Knight

LFY found themselves on receiving the short end of the stick in each of the random draws, being forced to face the top 3 teams from ESL One Katowice Major from last week. To start they had to challenge Team Liquid who had stood on the third step of the podium. Their loss relegated them to the low group, but then had to square off against the championship team, who had been sent there when OpTic Gaming upset the CIS team in the first round. Taking another hit, the Chinese team were staring down the barrel of elimination and were then drawn to face the second place team, ViCi Gaming who had shockingly fallen at the hands of PaiN Gaming

LFY and ViCi Gaming started to trade blows back and forth in the early game but ViCi Gaming was able to pull ahead with their worth and taking objectives despite the fully farmed and scary looking Terrorblade. Some fantastic chrono's and team fight coordination gave ViCi Gaming the upper hand and furthered their advantage to claim the win. 

Vega Squadron vs Mineski

Mineski lineup

The Dire

Mushi Gyrocopter Gyrocopter
Jabz. Elder Titan Elder Titan Puck Puck
ninjaboogie Bane Bane
iceiceice Nature's Prophet Nature's Prophet
Chen Omniknight Enchantress Razor Batrider Beastmaster
Vega Squadron lineup

The Radiant

Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter CeMaTheSlayeR
Rubick Rubick Zayac
Queen of Pain Queen of Pain UnderShock
Lifestealer Lifestealer Palantimos
Broodmother Broodmother Blizzy
Tiny Death Prophet Sand King Disruptor Dragon Knight Abaddon

Vega Squadron and Mineski both seemed to struggle to find their way during the tournament. Neither team appeared to find control or advantage in any of their matches, always seeming to be playing from behind. As the two teams went head to head, the game was a bloodbath early on. Mineski looked to be in the driver seat early on, taking down objective after objective, having destroyed all of Vega's towers by the time the CIS team had taken down only one of theirs. Holding their own and refusing to be intimidated, Vega was able to take a few favorable fights and close the small gap that had been created early on.  

Surviving, and slowly building on their momentum, Vega was able to continue to move forward and eventually the lead. Their window was unfortunately closed when they couldn't capitalize on it. A topsy-turvy game ended when Vega was caught out without any buybacks, and just over 50 minutes in they lost their chance to continue. 

Unfortunately, neither team will see any portion of the prize pool or DPC points. ViCi Gaming and Mineski lived to see another day at PGL Bucharest Major and will continue tomorrow, March 7th in the low group. 

Remaining PGL Bucharest Major Group Stage Format:

Third round

  • Division into 3 groups:
  • Teams with a score of 2:0 ("high")
  • Teams with a score of 1:1 ("mid")
  • Teams with a score of 0:2 ("low")
  • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
  • Winners of the high group advance to playoffs
  • Losers of the low group are eliminated

Fourth round

  • Division into 2 groups:
  • Teams with a score of 2:1 ("high")
  • Teams with a score of 1:2 ("low")
  • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
  • Winners of the high group advance to playoffs
  • Losers of the low group are eliminated

Fifth round

  • Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group
  • Winners advance to playoffs
  • Losers are eliminated


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