Universe to replace Ohaiyo in Fnatic for upcoming roster lock

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Saahil ‘UNiVeRse’ Arora has found a new home in the SEA region, replacing long-time offlaner Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo in the Fnatic lineup just in time for the roster lock period.

Last month Evil Geniuses made the shocking announcement that the organization had parted ways with UNiVeRse, adding  Rasmus ‘MiSeRy’ Filipsen to the lineup and switching Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan into the offlane. Since then the veteran star had been laying low and remained a free agent. 

Ohaiyo's departure is somewhat of a surprise for many fans as the offlaner had been with the organization for almost three years - since 2015 with Fnatic returned to Dota 2.

We are endlessly grateful for Ohaiyo's contribution to the team and the organization as a whole. His positive attitude, professionalism and loyalty have been unquestionable. We will miss him in the team.

- Patrik ‘cArn’ Sattermon, Chief Gaming Officer

This is the second change in lineup that team has made since forming after TI7. Early in November, following a rough start in the Dota Pro Circuit, Fnatic announced a few changes in within their team benching Steve 'Xcalibur' Ye and welcoming 10K MMR player Abed 'Abed' Yusop. The team has enjoyed improved results - qualifying for Dota Summit 8 with 2nd place main event finish, DreamLeague Season 8 Major resulting in 7-8th place overall finish and just yesterday qualifed for ESL One Katowice Major

UNiVeRse, Johan 'pieliedie' Åström and Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao were part of Team Secret together for ESL One Manila, EPICENTER 2016 and Manila Major in 2016.

Fnatic is ranked at 11 and already has 202.5 total points in the ProCircuit. Each player has 67.5 points each but bringing on board UNiVeRse with his 255 points will bring the team up, edging close to the top 8 positions with a total of 390 points, putting them ahead of Na'Vi who has 315 points in 9th place.


Fnatic current roster:

Canada Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao
Philippines Abed 'Abed' Yusop
United States Saahil ‘UNiVeRse’ Arora
Philippines Djardel 'DJ' Mampusti
Sweden Johan 'pieliedie' Åström
Coach: Malaysia Adam 'Adam/343' Shah


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  • venhels "venhels" vens ,
    wow :D if EE would just really do his part as "carry" ( not the one always being carried ) this team would be really good.. anyways congrats fnatic.. best of luck on majors!
  • DB "EnjoycCocaine" Cooper ,
    It's sad to see Ohaiyo go, but i'm happy for Universe. I think Fnatic has a lot of potential now
  • James "Yared" A ,
    Shikata ga nai. EE had to make a truly heartbreaking decision on Ohaiyo to ensure his team gets a better shot.
  • Denzetsu "Denzetsu" No Himitsu ,
    Ohaiyo post on his facebook page... After thinking for these few days, I would like to talk about my feeling about how I got replaced by Universe. It is so sad and cruel, after winning TNC and qualified to ESL One Katowice Major Main Event. We had a pizza dinner to celebrate but after we finished, I was informed by Adam Shah ( Fnatic coach ) and Eric Khor ( Fnatic Manager ) that I've been replaced by Universe and they told me that Universe arrived Malaysia just the day before Fnatic vs TnC Grand final EslOne Katowice which was last Thursday. Universe stayed in EE sama rental house after he arrived Malaysia. (EE sama stays in another personal house due to his personal living.) This is how cruel they are, no matter the tournament win or lose, I will be replaced. Im not upset about being replaced , Im disappointed on being used by my teammates for their own benefit. They could just replace me once Universe is here, but not after we got the slot to Esl One Katowice. Perhaps they worry about losing the slot to a major event, so they choose not to change Universe on that day. I sense that everyone know Major is very important to each team and player. As I know, some players got informed just two three days ago before I got the news on last Friday night. Actually they should not be qualified for this major event by using those gimmick. Im writing this because I’m too disappointed on the decision maker and accomplice that use someone effort just for their own benefit. A lie with a purpose is one of the worst kinds, and the most profitable Fnatic...ur an as*h*le..hope u never win a tournament again..not that im fnatic fans..but i just cant root for someone kicked like this...same with aui case...
    • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
      definitely sad
    • tung "sadsky" nguyen ,
      It's funny that 1 year ago EE whined about Puppey taking his 10% salary hence creating puppey drama with help from misery. Now EE simply plays as the same asshole he created upon puppey. Then pieliedie left. 1 year later we see Puppey successfully found his dream team while both pie and EE drown in SEA scene, changing their team roster like changing clothes and kicking their own teammates along the way. Karma at its best.
      • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
        Ye EE-Queen cry about puppeh but what he did is worst.EE only play in Sea cause it's easier to qualify for events.Same with some teams in USA.But pretty sure there's a lot of teams in sea even stronger.If EE watched the scene for last few months.Universe aint playing the same as TI 5.His still good but i don't think his top 5 offlaner's at the moment. What happens if they don't make it big?Will Uni run back to EG and Cr1t or Misery will get kicked?Really hope that doesn't happen.Same as what happened when he joined ts.
      • Syafiq "sapiksd" Dosuki ,
        now fnatic have two constantly over pushing or extending a kill that lead to team loss?


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