Pro Circuit team registration set in motion

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 10 January 2018 09:45

The new Pro Circuit team registration dates have been revealed and is already set in motion and once completed, rosters will be locked until after The International 2018.


The rules and process for the Pro Circuit team registration is almost the same as those for the first half of the 2017-2018 season. This will be the final roster lock period until after the completion of TI8. Phase one, in which players are removed from their previous team, will end on January 22nd. Phase two, in which managers have to register the full roster, will end on February 5th. The full shuffle process goes like this:  

Phase One


  • Managers can re-register teams from the previous registration period
  • Managers can re-invite those players to their team, or remove them from their team
  • Players can see and accept invites to their previous team
  • Players can remove themselves from their previous team
  • At the end of Phase One, any players not re-invited to their previous team are removed


Phase Two


  • Players can no longer be dropped
  • Managers can register new teams
  • Managers can invite any available players to their registered teams
  • Players can see their invites and accept them
  • And the end of Phase Two, all unaccepted invites are canceled and rosters are locked


There is one important change in the system to note from the last registration period:


During the registration period (prior to the Phase Two end time listed above), there are no penalties for playing with substitutes.
Therefore any Major/Minor events taking place between now and February 5th, including lineups for qualifiers will not incur any penalty points as has and will occur once the rosters are locked in for the rest of the season.
Fans can follow the registrations of their favorite teams and players HERE on the official registration page.

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