LGD Gaming announce a new roster for beginning of 2018

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 02 January 2018 20:54

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After six years of playing for the LGD Gaming organization, Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng is benched out. His place will be taken by the former WG Unity Support Jian Wei 'xNova-' Yap.

Yao has been with the organization since August 2011, playing either at the main squad or briefly at CDEC Gaming or LFY. In his six years committed to the organization, Yao placed with LGD third at TI2, top 6 at TI4, third again at TI5 and fourth at TI7. After the latest International, LGD Gaming registered a rather disappointing period and gathered only 202.5 Circuit points on the back of their second place at the PGL Open Bucharest Minor. Continuous disastrous results ever since the Dota Pro Circuit kicked off led to a drastic roster change, with hopes of a strong recovery through the second part of the circuit.

After Chen 'Victoria' Guanhong was transferred at CDEC Gaming mid-December, being replaced with Yang 'Chalice' Shenyi from Team MAX, on the 1st of January 2018, the organization announced Yao to step down and 'entering an inactive period.' In his place, LGD brought in Jian Wei 'xNova-' Yap from WG Unity.

In addition, Xu 'fy' Linsen will be returning to the position he is most known for, support 4, while Chalice will take the offlane.

LGD Gaming current roster from position 1 to 5

China Wang 'Ame' Chunyu
China Lu 'Somnus/Maybe' Yao
China Yang 'Chalice' Shenyi
China Xu 'fy' Linsen
Malaysia Jian Wei 'xNova-' Yap

With this revamped line-up LGD Gaming will enter the regional qualifiers for the PGL Bucharest Major, the ESL One Katowice Major, and the StarLadder i-League Invitational season 4 Minor.


Will LGD Gaming recover from the disappointing start of the Dota Pro Circuit with this new roster?

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