SG e-sports are eliminated from Perfect World Masters

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 20 November 2017 15:00

picture courtesy of SG e-sports

After a disastrous day one in the Perfect World Masters, Vega Squadron delivered a draw score against LFY and a 2:0 sweep over SG e-sports to claim a spot in the event playoffs.

At the end of day one of group stages Vega Squadron was sitting on the last spot with no victories to their name, thus zero points accumulated. Day two went much better for the Russian team, who secured a draw against LGD Forever Young. The one point gained from LFY gave Vega two survival options. They had to either score another draw in the last series of the group, against SG e-sports, to force a tiebreaker for the last spot in the group or push for a clean 2: 0 victory for a guaranteed playoffs spot, and victory it was.

Vega’s last series in the group stage was fought hard, the Brazilians nearly forcing the tiebreaker, when game two came down to a base race. However, the Sharks planned for late game and had a six slotted Gyrocopter along with Sergey "G" Bragin on Outworld Devourer. With only one BkB to stand against G’s right clicks, SG e-sports lost multiple team fights towards the end of the game and were not able to defend the high ground either, which in the end cost them the Perfect World Masters playoffs spot.

At the top of the group are Vici Gaming, who maintained their leadership from day one despite starting day two with a lost series against LFY. The winners of each group, VG in group A and Team Kinguin in group B, will have the privilege of choosing their first opponents in the playoffs from the 3rd and 4th placed teams in the opposite group. The playoffs will commence on the 22nd of November, all the teams having a day to rest after the group stage.

Playoffs Format:

  • Double-elimination bracket
  • First round of the lower bracket is played in a Bo1
  • All other rounds are played in a Bo3, with Bo5 Grand Finals



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