Viper gets his first ever cosmetic with The International 7 Immortal Treasure III release

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 14 July 2017 19:47

With three weeks to go until The International 7 and a prize pool that once again broke records in esports, Valve released today the Immortal Treasure III, which is available only to the 2017 International Battle Pass owners.

The Immortal Treasure III contains eight cosmetic items and a rare drop of 50 Battle Pass levels, but from all the goodies inside of it the most exciting one must be the Malefic Drake’s Hood, a head slot item for Viper that applies a custom effect on the Poison Attack. This is the very first item for the venomous hero who was added to Dota 2 over six years ago, in February 2011.

The other seven Immortal items included in the Immortal Treasure III are for Legion Commander, Spectre, Sand King, Winter Wyvern, Sven and Waver who has a normal and a golden version of the same item, Crimson Cyrridae which applies an animation effect and at the same time it slightly changes the Swarm model. The golden version has a very rare drop chance while the ultra rare drop from this treasure is belonging to Sven’s new sword, Vigil Triumph. The new shiny Immortal item for Sven is actually the second he gets, and it forms a weapon set if you like, with the Vigil Signet Immortal shield from The International 2015, shield that was added in the Immortal Treasure II at that time.

With today’s release of Immortal Treasure III, Valve has delivered all The International 2017 Battle Pass rewards, but one thing is still anxiously awaited by the community, the second act of the Siltbreaker campaign. Promised to be released sometime in July, the second act is titled A Vault in the Deep and it’s the last one from Valve’s first co-op storyline. Unlike most of the other Battle Pass rewards that are available at certain levels, the Siltbreaker campaign is available for all the Battle Pass owners, starting from level one. So, if you haven’t purchased a TI 7 Battle Pass yet, now with all the rewards unveiled, should be a good time to decide if you want or not one. Keep in mind that 25% of all the Battle Pass sales are being redirected straight into the TI 7 prize pool. The current prize pool for TI 7 is $20,932,488, the community contribution raising it to an astonishing 1208.28% total increase of the starting $1.6M offered by Valve.

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