The International 2017 prize pool is now over 15M USD

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 16 June 2017 12:15

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Valve is on the right path of breaking records once again as The International 2017 prize pool has reached the $15m milestone with the Immortal Treasure chest II still to be released.

The International 7 prize pool is now one million dollars above what it was this time last year after the Compendium release. In 2016 the community filled the prize pool with over $12m in 42 days after the Battle Pass was released along with the Collector’s Cache and Immortal Treasure I and II item chests. This year, Valve took a different approach and the Battle Pass includes a few prestige items available at certain Battle Pass levels.

Making the International 2017 leveling Battle Pass rewards not tradable or marketable at any point, the prize pool has constantly increased with every new item introduced. The Io Arcana, released only two weeks after the Battle Pass, increased the prize pool by one million in the span of only a few days and it is only available to players who have a level 245 Battle Pass or higher, similar to Kunka's prestige item that can be obtained at level 225. The next big boost came with the addition of the TI 7 aquatic themed Collector’s Cache treasure which was made available almost a month after the Battle Pass launch.



Now, a week after the first ever multiplayer Dota 2 campaign was made available to the International 2017 Battle Pass owners, the prize pool has reached the $15m milestone. The Siltbreaker campaign doesn’t require any certain Battle Pass levels for the players to enter the adventure. However, those who are level 165 or higher receive two additional treasures as reward for completing a zone from the first act with three stars, thus an extra chance of getting the ultra-rare Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier.

With the second act promised to come sometime in July, and no other prestige items announced as of yet, the next prize pool big increase should happen when the Immortal Treasure II will become available. Last year the treasure was delivered a bit over one month after the Battle Pass, and we are now long passed that time, If Valve keeps the treasure II hidden until the end of the month when the TI 7 regional qualifiers will be over, or if they will go live with it in the upcoming days, remains to be seen. Either way, the Dota 2 community is already doing a great job trying to break last year’s International prize pool record, which was $20,770,460.

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