Talented casters of Moonduck head to China for Galaxy Battles

Posted by Cristy "Pandoradota2" Ramadani at 09 June 2017 20:30

The MoonduckTV talent heading to China for the Galaxy Battles is full of classic favorites and some newer faces gracing a LAN event.

Bringing the action live on site, MoonduckTV has booked a talented lineup, adding some fresh flavor to a well seasoned palate.

Many fans will be delighted to catch Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten on hand as he continues to get back into the panelist action. Most recently SUNSfan was one of the offsite panelists for Zotac Cup Masters last month. Many viewers may not realize that the American personality started out his career as a caster for HON before making the switch to Dota 2 upon its release. Most notably he was a commentator for The International 4 in 2014.

Without a doubt,  Alan "Nahaz" Bester's contribution and return to LAN presence will be chock full of knowledge and statistics as well as provide a rewarding experience for viewers seeking a more educative experience.

Bringing professional player perspectives and experiences into the broadcast will be both Braxton "Brax" Paulson and Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins. These well known North American players will be taking a break from competition and practice to add some depth to the discussions.

Alongside these adept personalities - Shane "Shaneomad" Clarke will be joining the fun bringing light humor and high energy interactions. They will be joined by veteran commentator and personality Andrew "Zyori" Campbell , the lovely and rising Annie "Anneedroid" LeClair, and the  Australian based Cameron "Basskip" Scott who seems to be returning after a hiatus from the casting microphone.

The entire event will be broadcast in English on the Galaxy Battles channel.

Galaxy Battles LAN

Galaxy Battles LAN will start June 14 with a two day seeding group phase. The  eight attending teams will be divided into two groups featuring a bo2- Round Robin format. June 16th is when the main event playoffs will kick off on the big stage of the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium in Shenzhen, China.

Galaxy Battles participating teams:

ChinaNewbee  (direct invite)
China iG Vitality (direct invite)
PhilippinesTnC (direct invite)
United StatesThunderbirds (direct invite)
PhilippinesHappy Feet (SEA qualifiers winners)
ChinaViCi Gaming  (China qualifiers alternates)
PeruInfamous (Americas qualifiers winners)
GreeceMousesports (European qualifiers winners)


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